Chapter 1: Second Recon Titan wakes up from a slap in the face from a man of higher rank. "Get up!" he barks and walks away. Titan propped himself up on his bunk and sat there stunned for a moment and gets up to put his armor on. Right before he leaves his tent, he grabs two knives from under his pillow and runs out. Well, this is my first day! His first thoughts as he leaves the living area. He puts on his helmet and walks to the training area. He picks up an assault rifle and a pistol. "Dang.... Where the heck are my team??!!" He wondered out loud. The range was empty with the exception of a few battle hardened veterans taking shots at miniscule targets down the range. Then he hears a voice. "Rookie, wait up!!" Titan looks behind him and sees another soldier. He looks down and sees his name and his rank. Major.... What an odd nickname, he thinks. "Hey, you’re going the wrong way. Our team is waiting for us 200 meters that way!" He points to the west. "We're going to have to overdrive to make it for orientation... Oh, also you’re going to love your new squad mates," he says with a chuckle. They both overdrive to orientation right before it starts. "Rookie, where were you?" asks the captain. Titan says nothing. "Oh, I'm sorry for not introducing myself first.... My name is Plazma and this is your team... This is Nimrod, (Titan chuckles) Major, Ross ("Hmmm... A girl's name"), Dark Pulse, Sofa King, Epsilon, Desolis, and Pizza Pi. This is your team." "Remember to be nice Ross!" says Nimrod. "Stop being annoying!" retorted Ross. "You should all be nice," says Desolis. "Our unit designation will be Second Recon." Ahhhh..... This is going to be a long day, thinks Titan. "Go to the shooting range and get use to your new guns ladies!" Titan looks at Ross. She suddenly puts her head down. "Go!" Titan jogs up next to Major. "These guys aren't that nice are they?" He looks at Titan. "Nah, they’ll probably stab you in the back while you’re not looking.... with a real knife. But, that's if you’re lucky!"

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