United States Imperial Forces is the all-ecompassing term denoting the entire military of the United States Empire. As the most powerful military force in the galaxy, the USIF is responsible for protecting humanity and enforcing US Imperial policy across the stars.

History Edit

The USIF is an expansion of the United States military.

Ground Forces: Army and Armored Infantry Edit

Ground forces of the USIF are divided into two main branches: the Armored Infantry Corps and United States Army. These services are responsible for the taking and holding of territory and combating enemies of the Empire in any planetary conditions.

Both services have intense rivalry between each other, with Armored Infantry troops frequently viewing their Army counterparts in a condescending fashion, referring to them as "meat shields" in the worst of cases. Conversely, Army troops view Armored Infantrymen as arrogant "glory boys", feeling the reputation given to them is more than they're worth.

Armored Infantry Edit

The Armored Infantry Corps, simply called the Armored Infantry, is the elite shock force of the USIF. Soldiers of the Armored Infantry are held in awe by Imperial citizens across the galaxy, adoringly called "knights in shining armor" by unwedded women of the embattled planets that Armored Infantry units are deployed to defend.

Using lightning-strike tactics similar to the "Shock and Awe" tactics of old 21st century America, the Armored Infantry utilize advanced armor and lethal weapons to plummet from the skies and strike an enemy's most vital and vulnerable areas, quickly obliterating enemy command structures and severing vital supply routes, and ripping the heart out of the enemy's war effort. Through their daring actions, Armored Infantry units ensure enemies are defeated before they even realize they're under attack.

Armored Infantry training is notoriously intense and even dangerous, because in addition to intense physical conditioning designed to weed out the weak, special genetic enhancements are applied to every recruit to give them speed, strength, and mental capacity beyond the human norm.

The Armored Infantry Corps consists of over 1,000 Armored Infantry divisions, excluding logistics and support units, based in strategically-placed 'forts' throughtout the galaxy, though many units are located in or near the Solar System and the nearby Core Worlds.

Armored Infantry units also have their own elite sub-branch. Within every division are several special forces platoons, called Recon platoons, used for operating behind enemy lines and carrying out sensitive "black operations" like high-profile assassinations.

Army Edit

Main Article: United States Army

Though not held in gleaming renown like the Armored Infantry, the United States Army is nevertheless the backbone of the USIF. Where the Armored Infantry can best be compared to a scalpel, surgically striking only the most vital parts of a body with utterly precise application of power, the Army is the hammer designed to smash an opponent to pieces with slow but unrelenting force.

Though they are equipped with lesser quality weapons, armor, and equipment compared to the Armored Infantry, these valiant soldiers bear the brunt of any combat action. Deployed en masse to overwhelm the enemy with merciless force and firepower, Army troops are usually tasked with unenviable jobs that Armored Infantry units would deign to undertake, such as "digging in" for prolonged planetary sieges, or undertaking "mop-up" duty after Armored Infantry troops have routed an enemy's main force.

The Army consists of over 10,000 divisions, excluding logistics and support units, based in massive Army bases spread throughout the galaxy. These divisions are relatively slow to mobilize, but can muster enough force to steamroll their opponents if given enough time. While the exact size of the Army is estimated to be at least 3 billion men, rumors abound that the USIF can muster billions more from secret cloning worlds in case of a galactic crisis.

Comprising the bulk of the Army are clones augmented with genetic enhancements and intense indoctrination to ensure their loyalty. Vat-grown in secret facilities across the Empire, these clones are 5"10" tall, gray-eyed, and albino-skinned. They are specially bred for loyalty to the United States Empire, without sacrificing combat initiative and classic human ingenuity. Obeying their orders without hesitation, they will also report any and all discovered illicit actvities to the highest ranking Army official. If the highest on-site official is undertaking illicit activities himself, clones have been known to contact commanders of other units, and even the Commander-in-Chief and Senate Command, to request that the offender be punished. Clone soldiers are engineered to exhibit as little human emotion as possible, thus appearing to be very cold and distant. However, clones can gradually develop a sense of familiarity with others of their assigned units, especially in combat, and have been known to befriend human members of the Army Officer Corps.

Also practiced, though very rare, is the use of convicts in the Army. Reserved only for the most heinous criminals, physically capable convicts are sometimes "converted" for Army service instead of being given the death penalty. These convicted criminals are sent to specialized facilities designed to patiently and thoroughly break down the will of an individual, rendering him a "changed man". The process usually takes several weeks to two months at most, and is 100% effective. Though this practice continues to be heavily criticized from human rights groups in the US Empire, it is much cheaper to "convert" a convict for Army service than to recruit and train a normal soldier. To further ensure loyalty, "changed" convicts are assigned to all-clone squads, where the convict will be brutally punished by the clones themselves should he attempt anything illegal; so far no cases have occurred where "changed" convicts have reverted to their criminal ways.

Though clone soldiers comprise most of the Army's soldiery, the higher-ranking officers (and even some non-commissioned officers) are regular citizen volunteers. Dropouts from Armored Infantry training frequently apply for a transfer to the Army Officer Corps, finding the training less grueling and the experience just as gratifying. Strangely, many retired Army officials have gone on to become politicians, whereas retired Armored Infantry personnel have never held political office.

Like the Armored Infantry, the Army also has special forces units. Simply called Commandos, these black armored units are composed of the most experienced soldiers, regardless of being clones, convicts, or normal citizen soldiers. Commando units are larger per platoon than their Armored Infantry counterparts, and are far more ruthless as well, often utilizing ingenious (and sadistic) methods to complete their missions.

Naval Forces: United States Imperial Navy Edit

The United States Imperial Navy is responsible for maintaining and utilizing over 950,000 combat and support starships. The Navy also maintains numerous carrier-borne starfighters, dropships, and mass multi-conveyor ships for air support duties and transporting troops and supplies to any planet.

The Navy is known to achieve orbital supremacy around a planet within minutes of engaging an enemy fleet.

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