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The United States Empire is the governing body of humanity and the most powerful interstellar political entity in the galaxy. Emerging from the fires of two brutal wars to claim the galaxy for all Mankind, the Empire is both revered and hated by other races of the galaxy both for its unrivalled military and economic power, the dynamism and generosity of its people, and holding firm to a re-emergence of the American Dream gleaming in the growing industrial worlds of Imperial space.

History Edit

Main Article: History of the United States Empire

The history of the Empire is rooted in the nuclear fires of a global cataclysm, and rising to overcome its dark past and become the interstellar superpower it is today.

Military Edit

Main Article: United States Imperial Forces

The mililtary force of the United States Empire is called the United States Imperial Forces, or USIF. Considered the most powerful military force in the galaxy, the USIF maintains vast armies of hundreds of millions, even billions of men at arms, and hundreds of thousands of starships in its powerful navy.


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