The United States Empire (USE) is the central government of all known Human society and all of their colonies by late 21st Century. The USE was established after the United States lauched a campaign in the mid-21st Century to overpower their enemies and unite all of Earth's governments under one rule after they had built up power over decades of accumulating resources and filling their military ranks and imperialistic ideas worked its way up into federate legislation. However, their main opponent, the Communists, were also well prepared and with hundreds of side factions, the war dragged on for nearly thirty years. A stalemate was proposed that all the governments would be absorbed into the United States but the former major bodies of government were allowed to represent and impose their ideals into the United States government and their territory would be recognized as a state within the United States.

Contrary to the United States of the Pre-Space Colonization Era, the United States Empire has a governing body dedicated to Imperialism and strongly influenced by Communist principles. Shortly after the absorbation of the world's governments, the Communists quickly gained power and support and rose into high government positions and influence as the Communist Party. Many other parties rose until democracy is only a minor idea within the United States policy. As humanity entered the space age, a new party supporting Imperialism ideals quickly rose to power and overthrew the Communist Party.


The United States Empire abides by Imperialism principles and ideals with still retaining some of the original United State's democratic ideas.

Executive BranchEdit

Judicial BranchEdit

Legislative BranchEdit


The USE's main military force is the United States Imperial Forces. The USIF consists of over six hundred infantry divisions, fifty four ten Armored Infantry divisions, and twelve main fleets along with various taskforces and patrols that sums up to well over ten thousand ships.

Aside from the USIF, each planet recognized as an official state of the USE is assigned a Colonial Security Administration. They are the law enforcement of the state and consist of thousands of volunteers and hundreds of military advisors, organizers, and supervisors.

The USE's military intelligence service is the United States Military Intelligence Core (USMIC). The USMIC has a separate chain of command than the USIF.


Pre-Baxter EraEdit

Greater DepressionEdit

Due to the depression that started in the 2008 and worsened throughout the years and the United State's apparent victory over terrorism in the Middle East, military funds were severly cut and diverted towards the many other departments that suffered from national debt. Thousands of soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen were discharged early and the military is reduced to nothing more than a peace keeping core.

Taking advantage of the weakened state of the US Armed Forces, the Euro League, an alliance of Eastern European facist nations struck out and captured dozens of US military and resource assets in the Atlantic. The US government quickly responded by attempting filling up the ranks that were left by the discharges. Due to the massive release of the military personnal before the attacks, many were skeptical about their long term benifits in the Armed Forces and the military was only at half strength as they were during the fight against terror.

Desparately calling for aid from Western European nations that had once been allies of the US, the United States government's pleas went ignored due to a new distrust of the United States that resulted from Euro League propaganda and support from positions within other governments.

Global Contingency WarEdit

Age of Space ColonizationEdit

Spear of OrionEdit

Outer Rim WarEdit

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