Romulus Augustus was SPEAR General Salvador's top lieutenant during the SPEAR Crisis following the Outer Rim War. During the majority of the SPEAR's engagements against USIF forces, Augustus commanded the SPEAR fleet in space as Salvador and Decimus Primus leads ground-side troops. During the Battle of Prometheus, a large portion of the SPEAR fleet was decimated by USIF space forces and ground-side orbital cannons. Augustus then fled with Salvador to New Madrid, where a USIF fleet on hot pursuit scattered his ships and killed Salvador on the planet. Upon the death of Salvador, Augustus claimed command of the SPEAR forces and abandoned the remnants of the few SPEAR soldiers still on New Madrid. He continuously fled a pursuing USIF battle group for more than a year before he was cornered at the border of an unstable nebula and was killed by Connor Devins, a security officer of his bridge crew when Augustus was unable to convince Devins to give up his life so Augustus may live.


Little was known of Romulus Augustus' early life, including his birth name. He was born on a deteriorating Earth and had joined the United States military at a young age during the last stages of the Global Contingency War. After a US pyrrhic victory and the United States Empire was formed, he was integrated into a United States Imperial Forces special operations force, where he befriend a Lt. Colonel Salvador. Together, they led a small platoon of commandos including a green Decimus Primus in covert operations against the a variety of people still holding a dangerous grudge after the war.

The ruthlessness and effeciency of the unit led to many of them being accepted into the Orion's SPEAR program with a billion others in an attempt to colonize distant worlds of dangerous features in an attempt to save humanity. After half a decade of intense and potentially lethal training, the remaining trainees underwent augmentations that boosted their strength, stamina, and many other attributes, creating them into supersoldiers. Although the augmentation process had a toll on the SPEAR specimens. A great portion of SPEAR personnel perished during the process or were driven insane. No one escaped unscathed. Those who were not physically crippled with mutated enough to a state where not even their officers and trainers would recognize them as human. Romulus and Primus were assigned battalion leaders under a newly promoted Lt. General Salvador.

The SPEAR was deployed on dozens of worlds at a time, decimating anything in the way that they deemed detrimental to future human society. As their galaxy spanning campaign goes on, the SPEAR achieved impossible victories against entire planets of habitants but at the cost of heavy casualties. By the waning days of the campaign, less than half the original operating forced remained combat efficient. Many SPEAR became increasingly bitter and believed the United States Empire had abused they usage. Augustus himself fought with half enthusiasm and secretly began plotting against the USE with a loyal circle of his troops.

By the end of a conflict on a planet later known as New Madrid, most SPEAR had lost faith with the USE and begun to refuse to fight. General of the Orion's SPEAR Hadricks, the commander of all SPEAR forces, saw the weakness and ordered the execution of thousands. Angered, Salvador led a coup against Hadricks, and killed him during a crossfire between the SPEAR and the natives of New Madrid. Salvador declared himself leader of the SPEAR and took Hadrick's title.

Salvador led the remaining SPEAR with Augustus, Primus, and a younger officer named Ledans as his lieutenants. By then, the SPEAR forces were numbered at less than 300 million. The USE Senate were soon informed of Salvador's uprising and declared the SPEAR a cancerous limb. They dispatched a large contingent of USIF Infantry augmented with safer and refined versions of SPEAR augmentation drugs and improved Power Armor led by a young prodigy, a General Dean Corde, to destroy the SPEAR and all evidence of their existence.

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