Like its national predecessor, the History of the United States Empire is filled with events both noble and questionable, but it managed to capitalize on its strengths and overcome its weaknesses to triumph.

Covert Beginning (1947-2148) Edit

Hidden Revelation Edit

The CrashEdit

The United States Empire can trace its foundation back to the mysterious event on early July, 1947, that later became known as the Roswell UFO Incident. While the public was mislead and conspiracy theories of space-capable saucer shaped vessels thrived, the truth was far more terrifying to the US Military officials that first encountered the wrecked vessel and the wounded occupants within.

When the unidentified vessel crashed deep in the New Mexico desert, a military team was dispatched to investigate. The troops soon dicovered the small crashed vessel and five wounded crewmen attempting to stagger out. When the US Army troops attempted to approach the ship, the five wounded occupants fired on the troops with mysterious energy enveloped projectile weapons, killing ten army troopers. Taking cover, a platoon was called in to overwhelm the aggressors and their energy shielding, which initially deflected most rounds fired by the troopers' M1 Garand rifles. After concentrated fire, three of the five aliens were dead and the rest laid down their arms in surrender.

The damaged spaceship and its crew were taken to the Area 51 military installation deep in the Nevada desert, and all evidence of the encounter immediately covered up. Acting quickly, military intelligence agents began misleading the civilian populace; any witnesses were "convinced" by the US Military that the brief exchange of gunfire they heard in the night was a "special training exercise taken aback by unidentified saucer shaped craft". A coverup campaign was waged in the years following the incident, with agents performing tasks from claiming to be former workers at Area 51 speaking out against a government "conspiracy" and denouncing supposed injustices, to misleading activists and conspiracy theorists and downright covert assassinations.

Traumatic Discovery

Once at Area 51, the remaining two aliens were first stripped of potential armor and weapons before being given desperate medical treatment, but only one survived. Under carefully prolonged interrogation lasting several weeks, and genuine surprise by the US interrogators that the crew was comprised of more than one alien species, the alien revealed itself to be a female. Moreover it revealed itself to be a member of the asari race, a primary governing species of a vast galactic government she called the Citadel Council. She provided evidence of this by showing simple star charts of the galaxy to astonished military officials; taught them to use personal universal translators and omni-tools so she could better understand her human interrogators, and even provided them a small copy of the Galactic Codex, detailing a vast repository of information to her military captors.

However, US Military Intelligence agents soon discovered her motives. She was part of an elite mercenary team running from an enemy who wanted them all dead. Her mercenary team had miraculously managed to avoid their pursuers by fleeing to uncharted territory within Citadel space while simultaneously misdirecting their enemy, however their ship had sustained critical damage during their escape. Even worse, her team had stolen valuable encrypted data from a race of aliens called the batarians, a race known for its brutal and unscrupulous behavior. US Military Intelligence also discovered that any attempt made by her to use the ship to escape offworld or contact her clients via FTL comm systems would lead the batarians to Earth, where they would undoubtedly destroy the planet and any evidence of habitation to prevent their secrets from falling into the possession of anyone.

Ignoble Saviors

The asari knew of Earth's fate too. With the entire ship heavily damaged and nearly inoperable, she erected a simple plan of cooperation and generosity to get the humans to help her escape while giving the humans relatively simple knowledge that she thought the humans wouldn't have time to implement. However, she had drastically underestimated the cunning and ingenuity of her would-be captors. After human engineers helped to repair her ship, she then seized her moment and attempted to escape captivity (by now her living conditions were quite generous, being provided with warm food, showers, and spacious quarters) using previously unwitnessed biotics to kill several guards.

She managed to reach the hangar where her ship was kept, but the asari was unable to retrieve her original armor and weapons, which were under heavy guard and stationed in a research station too distant from the hangar for her to quickly and safely traverse. She then discovered too late that all power to the ship's activation mechanisms had been rerouted to numerous, recently-installed chloroform and mustard gas dispensers hidden throughout the ship. The dispensers proceeded to incapacitate her. Now secured, the unrepentant asari was deemed by officials at Area 51 to be a dangerous liability to the United States and all of Mankind, and was promptly executed by repeated gunshots to the head.

To the best of their knowledge, US Government and Pentagon experts calculated the batarians would assume the mercenary team had perished in an unfortunate accident while attempting to flee. The batarians, the Pentagon reasoned, would cease their pursuit after a lack of leads or hints as to the mercenaries' destination. They would assume the ship and its data were destroyed for them, then take necessary steps to forget that the incident ever happened.

Though the entire incident was a bloody event, the United States of America had successfully prevented Earth's destruction and safeguarded the secret of extraterrestrial life.


Origin and Early Operations Edit

First founded by US President Harry S. Truman in the days following the Roswell UFO Incident, the mysterious agency known as Majestic 12, or MJ-12, was tasked with investigating the recovered alien shipwreck and its wounded crew. When the asari attempted to escape Earth, it was MJ-12 who prevented her from doing so.

Faced with the rising tensions of the Cold War and aware of the highly advanced technology they now possessed, US Government officials authorized MJ-12 to research and develop their own technology for the United States. With little to no restrictions and under complete secrecy, MJ-12 began in-depth study and research into the alien devices. MJ-12 also attempted to decrypt the classified data so fiercely guarded by the now dead alien mercenaries.

Throughout the 1950s and '60s, great strides were made in understanding the alien ship and its accompanying equipment. MJ-12 soon understood the workings and implementation of the mass effect field and how it was created from element zero, a resource derived from dark energy itself. Though MJ-12 didn't have the resources to create pure mass effect fields, they were able to use basic principles to create firearms augmented with primitive gauss accelerators, allowing bullets and self-propelled explosives to impact with much more force than was previously thought possible. In addition, various information pertaining to advanced genetics and engineering was aggressively studied, allowing MJ-12 to put their newly obtained knowledge to productive use. From secretly manufacturing their first omni-tools and conveniently modifying the genes of test animals, to running their first tests on prototype powered armor, MJ-12 used natural human ingenuity and ruthlessness to progress where even the alien cache gave them technological roadblocks. Unfortunately this progress came at the cost of countless lives and sacrifice of ethics, though MJ-12 was able to secretly develop technology that, if revealed to the world at large, would place the United States (by MJ-12 estimates) at a technological supremacy a thousand years ahead of all other countries.

Through the use of multiple and frequently illegal funding sources, MJ-12 was able to sustain the massive cost of its R&D programs with little difficulty. In fact, most of its sources were completely unaware as to who their true recipients actually were. Coupled with little restrictions imposed by the US Government, MJ-12 expanded its operations and infrastructure to the point where it held and maintained extensive underground facilities across the United States. Last, and possibly most importantly, MJ-12 managed to carefully place loyal agents in every corner of the massive US Military, Intelligence, and Governmental establishments, who were able to use their honed skills at deceit and covert operations to deceive and manipulate even the most suspicious members of the implanted agencies, the public, and even the agencies of other world powers. This helped MJ-12 to thrive amidst the upheaval of the 1960s and '70s.

By the early 1980s, MJ-12 had become a powerful shadow organization with expanded capability ranging from its original R&D duties on alien technology, to supplementary duties of espionage and "black operations". The 1980s also heralded a new stage of progression for MJ-12- Its researchers finally managed to decrypt the batarian data after countless attempts. However, this new cache of technology also exposed a glimpse into darker terrors: The Reapers.

New Age, Dark DaysEdit

Once MJ-12 analysts fully decrypted the batarian data, their initial studies of it revealed that batarian research teams recovered a portion of ancient alien technology near the edge of a galactic arm. This ancient technology was far more advanced than the present cache MJ-12 was working with. Video logs indicated the batarians immediately began their own research into these findings without informing other members of the Citadel governments, and initially made great progress into understanding the ancient technology.

However, later video logs and increasingly garbled ramblings painted a picture of horror and insanity. The ancient alien technology the batarians were working with began to unnaturally influence them, as the batarian researchers began to idolize the ancient technology to the point of treating it as a god. The ancient technology later took control of the researchers' bodies as well, transforming them into grotesque, monstrous forms. The entire research base was soon compromised, and attempts by the batarians to retake their base met with disaster. Word soon reached the Citadel governments, who secretly dispatched a Spectre to infiltrate the base, retrieve any data, and destroy the base by any means necessary.

Knowing she would be unable to accomplish the mission herself, the asari Spectre hired a team of professional mercenaries to assist her.

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