Chapter 2 The Shooting Range They overdrived over to and lined up at a nearby shooting range. "Pick up a sniper rifle." The shooting range’s AI, dubbed OVERSEER, whispered through Second Recon’s dedicated comm channel. The whole team picks up the weapon and starts to shoot at their targets. "How in the heck do you use this thing?" whispered Titan. "You’re not good at that thing are you?" Ross smirked as she slammed a new clip in. Titan looks to his right and sees Epsilon shooting his sniper rifle, getting headshots, all while looking at him. "Put your magazine in, load it, aim it at your target, and fire." Titan did exactly what he was told and took fired a round. He missed by a long shot. The bullet deflected off a wall and clipped the edge of Dark Pulse’s target. "Well at least you know how to shoot it," laughed Epsilon. “Pick up the pulse cannon." OVERSEER droned again. Titan could hear many jeering and hissing. Plasma glared a death stare at the squad. "Why don't we use the Machine Gun instead?" yelled Dark Pulse. Titan looks down and sees this heavy duty weapon. "What the heck is this?" he pondered. He picks it up and fires. He hits nine out of twenty targets. At least one gun he knows how to use. "Pick up an assault rifle!" He hears cheers and he smiles. He can shoot very well with the assault rifle. "Pick up the pistol!" Titan looks down the aisle and sees one soldier shooting the pistol every time and getting a headshot. "Who is that down there shooting the pistol so well?" asked Titan. "Oh, that's Jame... I've heard he uses the pistol as his forearm while in combat! He sounds crazy to me!" Nimrod told him. He stopped talking and continued to shoot his pistol. "Pick up the shotgun!" “Oooh... I rock with this gun!" yelled Major. "I'm still waiting to do Machine Gun!" yelled Dark Pulse....."Missile Launchers" OVERSEER’s artificial voice rang in Titan’s comm system. "Ehh.... Missile Launchers are ok." says Sofa King, firing off a rocket at a target, which immediately was engulfed in flames. Desolis fired off a rocket with equal skill, "They're not the best gun." "Nobody really cares that much." said Plasma. That's rude. thought Sofa King. "Finally, Pick up the Machine Gun!" Titan hears cheers from the rest of his team. "Hey, wanna hear a secret?" Epsilon whispers, firing off a pinpoint accurate burst one handed that blew apart a target to splinters. "No, usually secrets end in something bad..." "It's about Ross." Titan looks over at Ross firing her Machine Gun in short, controlled bursts. "Ehh... Why not." "I've heard that Ross loves anime and watches it every day. Also I've heard that she has a tattoo on her a....” "So beautiful." Titan thinks in his head while looking at Ross. "Hey! Are you paying attention to me?" snaps Epsilon. "Team Regroup!" barks Plasma. Titan began to feel dizzy thinking of Ross, but turns his attention to the Captain to see what he has to say.



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